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Let’s Make Waves!

6 Hour Technique Workshop

Karen Eckmeier

It’s time to play with fabric in this terrific technique workshop. So grab your rotary cutters and let’s loosen up by cutting wild curves and dramatic angles! Learn to “go with the flow” and find out how relaxing free-form cutting and layered topstitching can be! Karen will show you how to use your Layered Waves fabric in traditional and contemporary quilts, impressive borders, eye-catching wearables, background for appliqué, and much, much more!

To see quilts and wearables made using Layered Waves fabric, log onto my website: and visit the galleries and check out my books “Layered Waves” and "Wearable Waves."


6 Fat Quarters (or bring to workshop fabrics already pre-cut to 18” x 22”)  

If you are planning on making a jacket (optional), please bring a minimum of 1 yard each of the six fabrics.

Color Options*:

·         One color gradated from light to dark in 6 values


·         6 different colors


·         1 multi-color print + 5 coordinating fabrics

*please avoid large scale prints  


·         Sewing machine (Featherweights are fine, we are only doing a “straight stitch”)

·         Needles – Jeans 70/10 or Quilting 75/11 (these needles are nice and sharp for penetrating many layers – we do not need Topstitching needles)

·         Rotary Cutter and large mat (large enough to cut 18” x 22” pieces of fabric)

·         Large and small fabric Scissors

·         Long pins with pin cushion/magnet

·         One spool of thread in a color that matches all fabrics (for topstitching) – cottons, rayons and/or variegated

·         Neutral color thread for bobbin

·         Seam ripper

·         Chalk pencil or tailor’s chalk (optional)

·         iron and ironing mat (mini irons work nicely if you already own one)

·         bring your favorite pattern for a jacket, vest, hat or handbag, so that you can make a Layered Waves fabric to match the size of the pattern pieces (optional)

·         Layered Waves ($24.95) or Wearable Waves ($24) recommended books, but not required for class