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(A listing of magazines and books where my articles have appeared, articles written about me and publications where my quilts have been featured) 


American Quilter, May "Butterflogs" by Karen Eckmeier, pp 36 - 39

FabShopNews, April "The Signature Quilt: Turning Over a New Leaf"

International Spring Quilt Market, Kansas City, "Turning Over a New Leaf" featured cover quilt for market postcard, class catalog and buyer's guide


IQA Journal, Fall, pp 24 - 25, Art Whimsical Winner

Wiggles & Waves: Free Form Curves by Karen Eckmeier 


Klaudeen Hansen's 2018 Quilt Art Engagement Calendar (Sunshine and Shade Garden)


Litchfield County Times, August 26 "Happy Villages and Accidental Landscapes Opens"

Waterbury Republican American, Sept. 1 "It Takes a Quilter to Make a Happy Village"

Spectrum, Sept. 9 "Eckmeier Art"

Voices News, Aug. 24 "Work of Fiber Artist on Display in Library"


IQA Calendar, published by Martingale / That Patchwork Place 

AQS OnPoint e-newsletter, "New Zealand: Following the Koru" by Karen Eckmeier

IQA Journal, Spring, pp 18 - 19, third place Innovative Pieces "Rhythm and Roses"


IQA Journal, Summer, pp 18 - 19, Miniville, second place "Art, Miniature"

Happy Villages - Updated and Expanded 2nd Edition, (August 2014) by Karen Eckmeier 

International Quilt Invitational Exhibit at Brigham City Museum of Art and History, Brigham City, UT, July 1 - Aug 23, "Busy Bees and Friends" featured on poster

Machine Quilting Unlimited, July / August Issue, Cover Quilt (Random Rose Garden) and Featured Artist Karen Eckmeier. Article "Finding Center" by Karen Eckmeier pp 46 - 52

Machine Quilting Unlimited, Spring Issue, "Miniville" featured in Cityscape Gallery  


American Quilter, Sept 2013, Vol. XXIXm No. 5, "Halloweenville" and "Goofy Ghosts" on page 21. Part of article "When Witches Go Riding: Halloween Quilts" by Iris Frank

International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene 5th Edition, p. 17

Calendar Award-Winning Quilts by That Patchwork Place - October "Tiny Town"

Soft and Crafty Batting by Fairfield, Jacket image featured on packaging


The Quilt Life, October "Family Castle" by Karen Eckmeier (a Happy Village variation), pp 28 -32 

Wearable Waves, by Karen Eckmeier 

American Spirit Batting by Fairfield, Images of two Accidental Landscapes featured on packaging


Catalogue of Show Quilts 2011, Front Cover Quilt and 2 quilts featured inside

The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, CO, "It Takes A Happy Village to Raise A Smile" by Sherida Warner - April 10


AQS 2011 Wall Calendar (September page)

American Quilter, July, p. 72 


Unforgettable Tote Bags, by Eleanor Levie, pp. 14-17 "What's for Dinner"

The Applique Society,  May/June, Vol. 12 No. 5, pp. 1, 4, 5  

Layered Waves: A Fresh New Way to Quilt, by Karen Eckmeier

SAQA Journal, Winter 2009, "Kiwi Lecture Tour" by Karen Eckmeier, pp. 29, 31


The Professional Quilter, Spring, Studio Tour with Karen Eckmeier by Karen Eckmeier, pp. 14 - 15

Litchfield County Times, May, From Kent, Patterns of Fun: Collages in Fabric by Kathryn Boughton, pp. 40 - 43

Accidental Landscapes, Surprisingly Simple Quilted Scenes, by Karen Eckmeier

Skinny Quilts and Table Runners, edited by Eleanor Levie, pp. 61 - 65

American Quilter, March Issue “Down Memory Lane” by Karen Eckmeier, pp. 28 - 33


Happy Villages, Step Into A Fabric Collage Adventure, Step Into A Fabric Collage Adventure,  by Karen Eckmeier

Fon's and Porter's: Love of Quilting, June / July 2007, Tuscan Landscape by Karen Eckmeier pp. 84-86

SAQA Portfolio 14

AQS 2007 Catalogue of Show Quilts, p. 67



The Country and Abroad, November 2006, pages 47 and 48

SAQA Portfolio 13, p. 59

Quilting Arts, Summer 2006 / Issue 22, "Sun Prints with Tissue Paper", by Karen Eckmeier, pp. 20 - 25 and front cover

Fon's and Porter's: Love of Quilting, July / August 2006, pages 97, 105


If It's Not Embellished, It's Not Finished: The Basics, by Betty Blais, pp. 17, 22, 23, back cover

The Quilter Magazine, 2005 Premiere Issue, p. 93

Portfolio 12: Best of SAQA, p. 54

Ododeiktes ("Road Signs"), Greek Magazine, Oct 2005, p. 125

The Chameleon and the Quilt: A Cross-Disciplinary Exploration in the Social Sciences, University of Western Syndey, SJSC Research Center, Cover and Back Image

Amazing Angelina, by Betty Blais, p. 17 + back cover

Contemporary Quilting; Exciting Techniques and Quilts from Award-Winning Quilters by Cindy Walter and Stevii Graves, KP Books, p. 77

Quilts with Style, Issue 53 (July / August 2005), p. 41


Winning Quilts; The Best of 2002 and 2003 Shows from the International Quilt Association by Rita Weiss, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., pp 100-101

Kent Good Times Dispatch, “Kent Quilter Tapped for Major International Show,” (Oct. 1)

The Quilting Professional, Issue 12 (August 2004): Quilting Educator Yearbook 2004, p. 19 and “Karen Eckmeier: Creating Landscapes ‘Accidentally’” by Carolyn Lee Vehslage, pp 50-51,

The Professional Quilter, Issue 86 (Winter 2004): Cover Quilt


Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, No. 358 (December 2003):12

American Quilter, Vol. XIX No. 2 (Summer):42-44 “Accidental Landscapes- A Workshop in Layered Curves and Peaks,” by Karen Eckmeier

Journal of the International Quilting Association, (Spring): back cover quilt


Rodale’s Successful Quilting Library, Vol. 15 – Drafting & Design Simplified. pp 36-41

“Success in the Balance” and pp 42 – 47“Design Your  Own Block” by Karen Eckmeier

American Quilter’s Society Fall 2002 Catalog of Books – cover quilt


Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center 2002 Wall Calendar

AQS Art Quilt 2001 Engagement Calendar

Rodale’s Successful Quilting Library, Vol. 11 – Innovative Piecing. pp 4-5, pp 84-91 “Topstitched Curves” and pp 96-101 “Triumphant Arches” by Karen Eckmeier

The Westchester County Times, “No Easy Pieces – In Somers, Proof  that Quilters are Artists too” (May): 24-26

Quilting Today, issue 84 (April): 52

American Quilter, Vol. XVII No. 3 (Fall): 41


American Quilter, Vol. XVI No. 1 (Spring):54-57 “Topstitch Piecing – A Recipe for Free Form Curves,” by Karen Eckmeier

Record Review, “Quilter Eckmeier Reaches International Competition.” (October 20)


Patent Trader, “Bedford Woman Blends Quilting, Art” (November 25)

Journal of the International Quilting Association, “The IQA Files-Karen Eckmeier” (Summer): 15-16


American Quilter, Vol. XIII No. 3 (Fall): 41

Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, (Jan/Feb): 8


The Keepsake Quilter Newsletter, Vol. 9, (Summer): 22


Quilting Today, (Spring): 5


The Bedford Record, “Mom’s Quilting Magic Benefits Village’s School.” (Nov. 17)