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"At long last, landscape patterns suitable for the rank beginner with little experience and no self-confidence! (Said with tongue firmly planted in cheek) .... you'll be hooked on this easy, no-template, surface-stitched technique"     Karen Reed / PA

"... it (Layered Curves) has added a new dimension to my work as a fine art quilter. The Accidental Landscape is a practical new skill. It is both fast and marketable as fine art. It promotes creative self expression for artists using fabric for their medium."  Joan / Massachusetts

"... your method allows for much tighter curves in the design and also gives an interesting texture with the topstitching."    Ionne / British Columbia



oops! My Edges are Showing


Is it straight-stitch appliqué or raw-edge collage? No matter what you call it, the edges of the fabric are bound to fray, but that's OK! From early hand appliqué pieces, up to her current straight-stitch appliqué series, Karen’s presentation will definitely give you some ideas on where to find inspiration and how to deal with those scary edges encountered along the way.  

(Powerpoint presentation includes a mini trunk show of 10 to 12 quilts)



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Happy Villages and Accidental Landscapes 

Two totally different techniques with the same fun results! 

Karen shares her two favorite approaches to playing with fabrics: Fabric collage (Happy Villages) and layered/topstitching (Accidental Landscapes). This lighthearted and informative power point presentation will show you how the techniques evolved and will inspire you to try fabric collage or layered/topstitching in your own creations. 

(Powerpoint presentation includes a mini trunk show of 10 to 12 quilts)

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Still Makin' Waves 

Inspired by the textures, lines and colors found in nature,  Karen shares her love of curved piecing and collage, and how it  led to the creation of her  layering/topstitching technique. Wild curves and dramatic angles may look difficult to do, but the process is really easy and quite relaxing! 

So sit back and let Karen inspire you during this presentation on how to use her "Layered Waves" technique to create Accidental Landscapes™, traditional and abstract quilt designs, and "Wearable Waves."  

(Powerpoint presentation includes a mini trunk show of 10 to 12 quilts)




Watch me on (membership required to view)

As a guest of Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims I am demonstrating my Accidental Landscapes and  Happy Villages techniques. Episode 1109

NEW Workshops COMING IN FALL 2017:

featuring Wiggles, Waves, Logs, Leaves, Twists and Twirls ...


Quilted Waves Vest



It’s all about the waves! Get into the flow with Karen’s free-form topstitched curves and angles to create this great open front vest. The secret is a lightweight sweatshirt pattern base for simple assembly. The sweatshirt provides just the right amount of loft for a “quilted-look” after the stitching and the smooth side becomes an easy matching lining. You choose the length to fit your style.

Workshop Supply List  

Book required: Wearable Waves Book $24

All levels ~ available as:

6 hour (one day): Come to the workshop with your sweatshirt and fabric cut, as described in the supply list and Karen's YouTube (see Home Page). In class, you will learn how to make the Layered Waves fabrics for your vest and quilt it on the sweatshirt base.


Random Roses

Time to Play! Here we go round and round to create beautiful one-of-a kind roses. This project workshop is a great introduction to Karen's Layered Waves technique, which uses an easy topstitch method to layer and piece curves. In class we will make 6 Random Rose blocks in your favorite color. Create the skinny wallhanging/table runner in class, or bring more fabrics to continue making roses for a large quilt. Borders with gently layered curves will be demonstrated along with many exciting ways to use your Random Rose blocks. 

RandRosesHomePage_s_small.jpg (12419 bytes)

Workshop Supply List  

(Book highly recommended: Layered Waves $24.95, instructions for the basic Random Rose blocks are on pages 36-39, in the workshop we will NOT be doing the wallhanging project featured in the book )  

Finished size: 12" x 45" approx.

All levels ~ available as:

3 hour (half day): Here’s an introduction to the process of making a Random Rose Block. Several blocks will be finished.

6 hour (one day): Make blocks and borders to create the  wallhanging/table runner or continue making more blocks for a bed quilt. .  

Random Rose Workshop s.jpg (289225 bytes)

Scrappy Layered Log Cabin                                             

Layered Log Class c.jpg (299976 bytes) This Log Cabin really has an attitude! Relax and enjoy topstitched seams, curved edges, no measuring, blocks of different sizes, and raw-edge prairie points embellished with beads. (Book highly recommended: Layered Waves $24.95 -see pages 26 - 35 for workshop basics)  

Workshop Supply List

Finished size: Wallhanging/Lap Quilt or Bed Quilt (student’s choice)

All levels ~ available as:

3 hour (half day): Here’s an introduction to the process of making a Layered Log Cabin Block. Several blocks will be finished. Raw-edge prairie points will be added.

1 day/or 2 day: Keep making blocks to create student’s choice of wallhanging/lap quilt or a bed quilt. Arrange blocks and assemble rows.

Accidental Landscapes ™: Beaches

Beach ALfsm.JPG (213451 bytes)

Juli_Beach_sm_det.JPG (103343 bytes)


Here is an introduction to creating landscapes "accidentally" using Karen's layered topstitching technique. These little beach scenes are quick and easy to make, no templates, not fuss - just free form rotary cutting and topstitched edges. Personalize your beach by adding collage details like a dune fence, beach grass, shells, sailboats, beach chairs, umbrellas, lighthouses, photo transfers, etc.  Beach scene measures approximately 8" x 12" (without borders). (Additional pattern fee $ 7)

Workshop Supply List

All Levels ~ available as 

Half Day Workshop (the basic Beach scene is created; collage details will be discussed)

1  Day Workshop (students will have time to add collage details, borders and start quilting - as an option students may choose to use their new skills to create a different landscape in the afternoon instead of finishing their beach scene)  

Fabric Kits are available at $20 and may be reserved for workshop participants  by contacting me by email or phone. 

Accidental Landscapes: Mountain Views           

Mtn Views Class s.jpg (212752 bytes)

Here’s another surprisingly simple quilted scene using Karen’s layered topstitching technique. Gentle rolling hills of green fabric strips combine with distant peaks to create peaceful vistas. Include a lake or a field of wildflowers. The variations are endless! (Book highly recommended: Accidental Landscapes $21.95 - see pages 8-13 and 50-51 for workshop)  

Workshop Supply List

Finished Size: approx. 9” x 12” without borders (size varies)

All levels ~ available as:

3 hour: Create one or two Mountain View scenes. Learn how to add Angelina fibers for sparkle.

6 hour: Add borders and quilt your Mountain View scene(s)


Collage Workshop "Happy Villages"

seasidevillage s.jpg (119022 bytes) Explore the freedom of fabric collage! No seams to piece or match, no lines to trace ... Just free form cutting of step and window shapes. Step by step your little village will magically come to life.  Finished size 16 1/2 inch square 

Book highly recommended:  (Happy Villages Book  $ 22)

Workshop Supply List (Full Day)

Technique:  Fabric Collage 

All Levels ~ available as 

1  Day Workshop: Sewing machines are optional for this class. Most students prefer to spend the time leisurely collaging, however for those of you that work quickly, bring your machines for the end of the day  

See more Happy Villages made using this collage method



For Workshop / Lecture Fees and Scheduling

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