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A Peek Inside the Layered Waves Book

Here are a few of the projects and ideas covered in the book

My Stash at 50.jpg (526813 bytes)


"My Stash at  50"

A variation featured  in the Layered Logs project chapter.

Karen Jacket front.jpg (178639 bytes)


Karen's Jacket

Here's an idea ~ use Layered Waves fabrics in a sweatshirt jacket. More ideas offered in the Flowing Wearables and Home Accent Chapter.

veggiebag view3.jpg (175167 bytes)


Use Layered Waves  to create colorful market bags. Here's one of the three ideas.
Cat's 2 Journals.jpg (107510 bytes)


Layered Waves as a journal cover.
wildflowers.jpg (314015 bytes)


Black-eyed Susans

A Layered Waves fabric provides the background for these perky raw-edge applique flowers. This project has topstitched borders with topstitched mitered borders are easy and provide the perfect frame.

Random Roses.jpg (298995 bytes) Random Roses

with wavy lattices and ripple/ ribbon borders