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Happy Villages Student Gallery

"I cannot tell you the satisfaction I have gotten - nor the recognition from quilters and friends. I am not an artist, so I can never draw or paint a village - and even if I had set out to make one from fabric in a traditional quilting pattern, I don't think it would meet my own standard for a good "picture". But YOUR method has opened a whole new world (a village!) for me!" Cheryl McLaughlin, Pittsburgh, PA


Happy Addis

Jan Antranikian, GA

Jan paid homage to her travels in Ethiopia, which includes photos and a shawl purchased in Addis Ababa as borders


Dream Village

Joyce Triezenberg, Albuquerque, NM


Halloween Happy Village

Karen Gornall, Georgia

Walled Village

Carol Rubin, Baltimore, MD

Witch's Delivery Service in Coastal Village

Sanae Yamanouchi, Jackson, MI


Positano: The Amalfi Coast

"I will admit that I wasn't sure if I could make a Happy Village without the benefit of a workshop (I'm such a visual hands-on learner). But much to my sheer delight, this Happy Village was SO much fun to create because of the excellent directions and step by step illustrations in your book. Thank you!

Donita Whelan, Manlius, NY

117 Steps in Vernazza

Karen Scharf, Oklahoma


Outer Space Village

"And you're right. They are like potato chips ... you can't just make one" Nita Goldman, Delray Beach, FL

City of Dreams

Jean Shealy, Peachtree City, GA

M Harned stanton
Azure Village by Mary Harned, Wilmington, NC

Happy Village by Barbara Stanbro, Hillsboro, OR

"I bought your book long ago and only just tried making it for the first time. Great book, excellent instructions. Thank you." Nov 2016




Neighborhood Quilt

by Jana Kennedy, Brentwood, TN

Happy Villages Workshop at

Vermont Quilt Festival 2015

Grace Halloween loftadalen

Grace Holland, IN with her Halloweenville


Berit Hokanson, CA taught a Happy Village workshop in Sweden with great results and happy students
    ThereGoestheNeighborhood s.jpg (181626 bytes)       Pam Zeck Cinque Terre s.jpg (428032 bytes)

There Goes the Neighborhood by Carrie Romano of Dillsburg, PA


Cinque Terre at Night by Pam Zeck, Venice, FL

    PittsburghHillside s .jpg (172832 bytes)       israel wall hanging s.jpg (99675 bytes)    
A Pittsburgh Hillside Village by Cheryl McLaughlin, Pittsburgh, PA A Hillside in Israel by Cheryl McLaughlin, Pittsburgh, PA                       


winter village s.jpg (205391 bytes)      Lene Alve FINLAND s.jpg (248117 bytes)

A very Merry Christmas Village!!! by Paula Klingerman, Southington, CT Apple Valley Quilt Guild


Four creative Villages by Lene Alve, Finland. Handstitched in contrasting threads. Instead of using a layer of tulle (fine netting), Lene used fray check to secure the edges. Beautiful results!

Summer in Salonika s.jpg (153786 bytes)     Diane Beaman.jpeg (353881 bytes)

"Summer in Salonika" by Nancy Reck of Mill Valley, CA

"Lakeside Cottages" by Diane Beaman, Laconia, NH

Fishing s.jpg (137964 bytes)Northern Lights s.jpg (127256 bytes)



Dark Village M.Katz.jpg (82981 bytes)





Two wonderful Alaskan villages by Linda Creech       Dark Village by Margie Katz, Mt. Holly, NJ
AZRetreat2012 021.jpg (193872 bytes) MaryOrosVillage.jpg (117708 bytes)
  Sue's Happy Village with her Little Roadie doll  Mary Oros' oriental village

Hersheyville.jpg (230466 bytes)  Yum Yum Tree s.jpg (127688 bytes)

"Hersheyville" and "Under the Yum Yum Tree" by Lucille Makrin

husgrupp_s.jpg (213987 bytes) Malmo, Sweden

Lisbeth Bergstrom and her friends taught each other how to make these wonderful  Happy Villages from my book. Click on the following link and go to "husquiltskurs" to check out the fun they had making their villages!

villclass1.jpg (119098 bytes)  villclass3.jpg (113682 bytes)  villclass2.jpg (129096 bytes)  villclass4.jpg (117821 bytes)  happy village.jpg (113941 bytes)sDSC01375.jpg (126580 bytes)  sDSC01380.jpg (131031 bytes)

Taos Happy Village.jpg (132455 bytes) Taos Village by Margaret Freedman, Landrum, SC

  DSC01449 s.jpg (139693 bytes)  DSC01436 s.jpg (125838 bytes)  

"I think you should put a warning on your book that "Happy Villages" are highly addictive and may result in even less housework being done!"

Cecilia's s.jpg (160470 bytes) Claire's s.jpg (163325 bytes)

Claire - age 13, and Cecilia - age 11, made the great Happy Villages above. The bridges are their very own creations! Their great aunt Mary and aunt Janine had taken the workshop during the day, and by that evening had shared the secrets of fabric collage with the girls.

Cinque Terre.jpg (59270 bytes) Jerusalem.jpg (98734 bytes)Halloween Quilt s.jpg (208613 bytes) DSC01435 s.jpg (162799 bytes) DSC01425 s.jpg (136121 bytes)sDSC01306.jpg (99325 bytes)  

CIMG1399 Standard e-mail view.jpg (225926 bytes)  

Sharon Fry, Sonoma, CA presenting her first Happy Village quilt made as a house warming gift to her sister Suzanne.

DSC01460 s.jpg (182466 bytes) sDSC01382.jpg (95190 bytes) sDSC01384.jpg (106484 bytes) DSC01429 s.jpg (115919 bytes) DSC01431 s.jpg (124990 bytes)

     IMG_4911 s.jpg (136229 bytes)IMG_4909 s.jpg (177332 bytes)

 "... to let you know how much I enjoyed the Happy Villages technique. Now that I have done these first two [see above] I am definitely hooked and going to use this technique to interpret some photographs I have taken over time." Dominga, CA

 DSC01428 s.jpg (110668 bytes) DSC01161.jpg (76323 bytes) suev.JPG (35400 bytes)  

happy villages 007 s.jpg (180971 bytes) 

Maya Telford, British Columbia used her hand-dyed fabrics to create her first Happy Village. 

     new pictures 056 s.jpg (132038 bytes)  

Sharon Rendfrey, NJ: "I finished my Happy Village ... can't wait to start my next one"

 village s.jpg (117953 bytes)  

Marjorie from Undercover Quilters, PA used favorite Black and White photographs from Germany in her first village. 

 sSA550275.jpg (108923 bytes) Judy Anderson's village in her longarm ready for quilting

beginning s.jpg (144239 bytes) concentrating curious.jpg (116695 bytes)   gluing on bits s.jpg (113638 bytes) grace's village s.jpg (167294 bytes) Beth's village s.jpg (97985 bytes) 

Sisters, Grace and Beth in New Zealand made amazing Happy Villages  and mother Debby added the final quilting touches. WOW!

Happy Teacher.jpg (38229 bytes) Happy Villages 001s.jpg (70638 bytes) DSC00045 s.jpg (90818 bytes) Happy Villages 006.jpg (116342 bytes) Happy Villages 007.jpg (124184 bytes) Happy Villages 003.JPG (75206 bytes)

Teacher, Gaynor Lincoln taught  her 9 & 10 year old students at the Westbrook Primary School, in Rotorua, New Zealand how to create Happy Villages using colored construction paper and crayons. Such talent and creativity!!

chameleon_vests.jpg (125847 bytes)

It's a chameleon and not a village, however, these happy vests were inspired from my "Comma Chameleons" pattern, which uses the same approach to fabric collage. In these adorable vests, Gabi Girndt-Sharp from Germany, matched my chameleons with the perfect co-ordinating fabric!