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"I am so loving your Accidental Landscape technique!. I thought I'd share my latest. It's called Sanibel Lighthouse."

Joan Grasamkee, FL


Beach with an amazing treasure chest created by Cena Harmon, FL



Beach Sojourn by Karen Scharf, Tulsa, OK

Josie Muschel, a 14 year old HS freshman, chose to replicate a photograph of the Bavarian Alps of Garmisch-Partenkirchen for the needlework category of Houstonfest, her regional contest for students studying German. She asked her grandmother Martha for advice. Martha sent Karen's book "Accidental Landscapes" to her and she based her pictorial quilt on Karen's layered topstitching technique. Josie's quilt won 1st place in both, the 2015 Houstonfest and the 2015 Texas State German Contest.


Berkshire Quilters s.jpg (283626 bytes)     Dennie Jones s.jpg (178953 bytes)

Mountain View workshop with the Berkshire Quilters in  Great Barrington, MA


Dennie Jo Jones, Branford, FL with her blue ribbon winning Autumn Hills

Karen Goddard 2 s.jpg (193290 bytes)
The Hill Country Quilt Guild Mountain Views workshop in Kerrville, TX


Karen Goddard's beach scene
yelapa2011 044.jpg (236016 bytes) Sunrise s.jpg (205228 bytes)
Mary Ann McCammon (back row, second from left) teaching Accidental Landscapes in Yelapa, Mexico, a village south of Puerto Vallarta only accessible by boat.


Nancy Reck's "Sunrise Lake",  Mill Valley, CA inspired by my "Lakes" pattern
Sarasota group.JPG (194854 bytes) EmilyGrossSeascape.jpg (113976 bytes)
Sarasota, FL Emily Gross, Holmes Beach, FL -  Scene complete with stakes to mark a  sea turtle's nest!
IlliniSeascapes.jpg (111543 bytes) L1020006.jpg (95313 bytes)
Illini Country Stitchers, Champaign, IL  Seascapes made in the Accidental Landscapes Workshop 

  Ethelann Wood and her framed beaches 


NSGQ Somers NY s.jpg (178361 bytes)  


Northern Star Quilt Guild, Somers, NY Mountain View workshop




HPIM1754 s.jpg (106935 bytes) HPIM2211 s.jpg (187765 bytes) HPIM2212 s.jpg (123681 bytes)

Peggy Burdge of Elizabethtown, PA made these landscapes from my magazine articles and then made a whimsical holiday landscape of her own

K.Cuthrids1.jpg (100802 bytes) K.Cuthrids2.jpg (88676 bytes) K.Cuthrids3.jpg (89979 bytes)

Kathy Cruthirds, from Nampa, Idaho,  enjoyed making several beautiful Accidental Landscapes on her own using my book as inspiration. 

DSC00617.jpg (216523 bytes)  Ax Landsc class 011.jpg (195277 bytes)  DSC00660.jpg (149804 bytes) 

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class on Saturday. I have never had a more sincere, friendly, helping, instructor in my life. Thank you so much for just being you and sharing your energy."

 Maxine beach.jpg (161799 bytes) betsybeach.jpg (137951 bytes)  sewing.jpg (84620 bytes) Sherry PaylorGolf.jpg (198122 bytes) Sherry Paylor, Camp Hill, PA

"Although we all used the same technique each one turned out unique and beautiful. The other positive thing that came out of this workshop is that a few quilters learned to step out of the box and not worry about seams matching, there were none, to go with the feel and flow of fabric and just enjoy the process.

 DSC00523.jpg (255637 bytes) DSC00877.jpg (62397 bytes) portland skyline2 copy.jpg (156483 bytes) city bridge.jpg (125794 bytes) city norma.jpg (131391 bytes)

First Light Quilt 002.JPG (119297 bytes) "First Light" by Didi Salvatierra, MD

 DSC01123.jpg (68642 bytes)   Jan 04 s.jpg (115008 bytes)heartbt s.jpg (148426 bytes) Fall Accidental Landscape1.jpg (135059 bytes) CT s.jpg (104039 bytes)

"They (the guild) absolutely loved you ... your work ... your patient instruction and kind demeanor. "  

  new lon s.jpg (141419 bytes) NC workshp s.jpg (151030 bytes)

  LI 05 s.jpg (145002 bytes) Maxine Oliver 2.jpg (50700 bytes)

"I took my almost finished piece to church yesterday morning to share and  everyone was amazed (as was I!) that it only took one day to get that far. It is a wonderful technique that you have dreamed up and I feel so fortunate to have a chance to learn from you." 

 seattle s.jpg (118364 bytes)

Cape Cod sm.jpg (97937 bytes)  Super Saturday sm.jpg (104792 bytes)

"Karen went around constantly observing, offering advice, but never criticizing or trying to rearrange what the student laid out for her quilt."

  Super Saturday 004 sm.jpg (141731 bytes) Queens workshop 2003 sm.jpg (109178 bytes) DSC01158.jpg (59875 bytes)

" I really like your pieces - they capture the essence of landscape in a simple effective way ... thanks for the inspiration"  

 Queens sm.jpg (139226 bytes)      susan o.jpg (163800 bytes)   susans beach.jpg (195566 bytes)

"I was so excited about the technique that I ran out and bought a large stash of fabric suitable for even more projects!"

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