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Welcome to The Quilted Lizard Fiber Art Studio, where the techniques are playful and the designs are surprisingly simple to do! Are you afraid of curves? Do landscapes intimidate you? Would you like to build your own village? Looking for something new and perhaps out of your comfort zone? I have the answers for you in my relaxing, no-stress workshops and books.

Try my topstitched curves or fabric collage, I promise that I will make it fun and you will leave the workshop with a "Wow, I can do that!" attitude. Visit the Student Gallery on this website to see the happy faces of my students in the workshops proudly displaying their beautiful creations.

New Book "Wiggles & Waves" coming soon!

New Workshops for 2018 -

"Color Twists & Leaves", "No-Bake Cake", "Wiggles & Collage" and "Large Logs"

Details to follow ....

wiggles Wiggles, waves, twists, twirls, leaves and logs. What do they all have in common? Curvy lines! This book is all about Free-Form topstitched curves.

Over 15 new projects and variations to try: Table runners, wall hangings and quilts to celebrate special ocacasions and the simple joys of life.


96 pages full color


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Watch my YouTube video introduction to my Happy Villages and Accidental Landscapes techniques given at the reception of my solo exhibition at the Kent Memorial Library in Kent, CT

I am compelled to create; creating gives me energy and I want to share that energy with others. 

Fabric is my medium of choice because I love the feel and texture of it. 

Nature often inspires my work and I try to show the viewer what I feel in lines and colors instead of reproducing what I see. 

My art is happy and upbeat, concentrating on the positive and whimsical side of life.

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